With Pollux Network, tweaking campaigns is a straight forward and intuitive task.

Our advertisers can easily bid in real time with an outstanding global reach which includes optimization tools and state of the art mobile targeting.

Accurate targeting

Pollux Network offers a wide range of targeting options that will give you that upper edge.

Geo Loc

Easily tweak your campaign by end-user country.


Adapt your needs to users accessing via a Computer.


Target handhelds - the new trend in user experience.


Adjust your targeting by the end-user's Internet program.

Mobile Device

Does a product convert better on Android or iPhone? The filtering is up to you!

Carrier ISP

If you want traffic from a specific carrier this is the tool to choose.

Rate Card


Country Zone Impressions / Day Rate Traffic
France Popunder4.428€ 1,36CPMWEB
Belgium Popunder791€ 1,26CPMWEB
Canada Popunder1.169€ 0,80CPMWEB
Switzerland Popunder626€ 0,95CPMWEB
Brazil Popunder42.530€ 0,64CPMWEB


Country Zone Impressions / Day Rate Traffic
France Popunder11.821€ 2,23CPMMOBILE
France300x100 Banner13.430€ 0,14CPMMOBILE
Italy Popunder43.900€ 1,36CPMMOBILE
Italy300x100 Banner4.100€ 0,04CPMMOBILE
Belgium Popunder791€ 2,15CPMMOBILE
Belgium300x100 Banner0€ 0,08CPMMOBILE
Canada Popunder1.169€ 0,80CPMMOBILE
Canada300x100 Banner2.467€ 0,05CPMMOBILE
Switzerland Popunder1.087€ 1,00CPMMOBILE
Switzerland300x100 Banner3.898€ 0,04CPMMOBILE
Austria Popunder124€ 0,74CPMMOBILE
Austria300x100 Banner742€ 0,02CPMMOBILE
Germany Popunder1.547€ 1,10CPMMOBILE
Germany300x100 Banner12.383€ 0,12CPMMOBILE
Netherlands Popunder753€ 0,68CPMMOBILE
Netherlands300x100 Banner6.846€ 0,02CPMMOBILE
United States of America Popunder16.419€ 0,88CPMMOBILE
United States of America300x100 Banner121.411€ 0,07CPMMOBILE
Malaysia Popunder433€ 0,68CPMMOBILE
Malaysia300x100 Banner704€ 0,02CPMMOBILE
Spain Popunder17.325€ 0,84CPMMOBILE
Spain300x100 Banner258.433€ 0,08CPMMOBILE
United Kingdom Popunder2.695€ 0,82CPMMOBILE
United Kingdom300x100 Banner10.597€ 0,04CPMMOBILE
Brazil Popunder37.261€ 0,69CPMMOBILE
Brazil300x100 Banner153.896€ 0,03CPMMOBILE
Mexico Popunder24.708€ 0,79CPMMOBILE
Mexico300x100 Banner600.698€ 0,04CPMMOBILE
Thailand Popunder194€ 0,69CPMMOBILE
Thailand300x100 Banner1.740€ 0,04CPMMOBILE
Indonesia Popunder374€ 0,69CPMMOBILE
Indonesia300x100 Banner1.353€ 0,02CPMMOBILE
Republic of Korea Popunder929€ 0,68CPMMOBILE
Republic of Korea300x100 Banner11.372€ 0,02CPMMOBILE
Philippines Popunder2.614€ 0,69CPMMOBILE
Philippines300x100 Banner16.108€ 0,02CPMMOBILE

We have years of experience in the mobile Ad space, reason why we can help you to monetize your content to the fullest!

After all, if you're winning, we're winning too!

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